Sunday, September 13, 2009

Galatasaray:3 Beşiktaş:0

Beşiktaş lost 3-0 to galatasaray in the first derby of season 09/10. galatasaray scored early in the game where Rustu should have easily saved the ball. galatasaray were quite dominant during the first 30 minutes. Beşiktaş began to gain possesion and created a few positions that should have been converted into a goal. Beşiktaş did again gain a few positions during the second half and looked as though we would score soon when Rustu made his presence felt. Again thanks to great decision making by our goal keeper, the opponents scored their second. Soon after the second goal both teams had seemed to tune out of the game and began waiting for the final wistle when goal number three was scored.
There may be some points to include regarding choice of players/subsitutions, tactics etc. but I'll keep that to myself as I am no expert myself.
Was an unlucky and dissapointing night.

Beşiktaş: Rüştü, Ekrem, Sivok, Ferrari, İsmail, Yusuf, Ernst, İbrahim Kaş (68min Holosko), Serdar Özkan, Tabata (46min Fink), Nihat (Bobo)

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