Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not Acceptable !

A few weeks ago, the club suprised the fans when they had agreed on a new sponsorship from Turk Telecom and Avea. The suprising part was that these companies would have their logos painted in large dimensions on the roof of the 'legendary kapali tribun' (grand stand). This would have to be the 2nd biggest blow that has hit the veterans of the terrace. The fisrt one was when BOX seats were built amongst the top row.

Some people have to understand that this terrace has alot more history behind it then any of these companies, who think that they can buy anything from anyone. During a pre-season match at home this year, some of fans put forward their stance against these advertisments. 'The roof of the grand stand must remain Black & White' was one of the slogans.

Now, the other suprising decision was that the club had actually listened to the fans and acted accordingly. The recent decision made about the advertisments were satisfiying for some fans but definetly not for many. The part the club has listned to the fans was keeping the roof Black & White. However, the company names still reamain, only this time they have also been painted up in Black & White.

Having the roof Black & White is the way it should be. But that roof should remain Black & White with nothing written or drawn on it but BEŞİKTAŞ. These people have to get the heads out of somewhere and realise that places or things valued by the fans must be respected! I ask these corporates to do the right thing and remove those ugly logos from the home of the most passionate supporters of the country. And they must realise that, many veterans of the grand stand have either lost blood or their lives in order to create what they have today. Most importantly, the club should be aware of the value the grand stand has both amongst the fans and the players.

I do not accept anything as such on my behalf and demand those logos to be removed!


The coloured advertisment

The advertisments in Black & White

Either way not acceptable!

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